How to access revisions to roll back?

I had a very big scare today...

I had a massive note, and I deleted it by mistake, not sure how or when...but it was toast.

Fortunately, I turned on my laptop, turned off WIFI and could fire up a Joplin unsynced instance from a week ago, then I got my data back.

What is the best way to keep 30 days of daily backups? I'm talking the entire Joplin database, so if something goes wrong, can restore the entire thing back, would be awesome if there was revisions also.

What would be best workflow for this? Can jopplin be used with GIT?

When you copy only the Database you will lose all your resources, because they are in the filesystem.

Not directly. You can use a filesystem Sync and then create a script which then make the git stuff on a sheduled base.

For Backups take a look into the Simple Backup Plugin also take a look into Restoring Deleted Notes

This means that I can use git for the files, but not the database? Same a a website?

Theoretically possible, but in this case quite pointless. With every change in Joplin (tag, note, notebook, setting, ...) the file is changed and since it is binary you can't just see what has changed only that the file was changed.

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