Android device doesn't ask for password

I use Joplin on my notebook (win 10, 64), Version 1.2.6
and on android mobile (Android 8.1.0) Joplin version 1.4.11
hosting the data with nextcloud.

Now I introduced encryption.
On my notebook everything went right.
On my mobile I synchronized all the notes, I waited until the process was completed. But no password was asked.
The app shows me a lot of key-icons for properly encrypted joplin-notebooks and notes. But I've found no way to insert the password in order to be able to open and read the notes.

Has anybody faced a similar problem?

I believe you may misunderstand End-to-end encryption (E2EE). Joplin isn't password protected in the sense of accessing/opening the data, more so E2EE is used when syncing the data to a remote host.

See this page for more information:

Thanks for your answer.
The problem is different:
I followed exactly these instructions from
"Once this first synchronisation operation is done, open the next device you are synchronising with. Click "Synchronise" and wait for the sync operation to complete. The device will receive the master key, and you will need to provide the password for it. At this point E2EE will be automatically enabled on this device. Once done, click Synchronise again and wait for it to complete."

Everything went exactly as described here, but after the synchronisation there was no way to fill in my Joplin-Password. All my notes have been synchronized but are shown with a key-icon and can't be opened.

All is fine Anke, don't worry.
Just take your Android device, goto settings -> encryption.
It will show an empty password field for the master key you downloaded when you sync-ed the device. Enter the same password you used on your notebook and the key-icons will disappear within a few seconds. Good luck !

@anke welcome to the forum.

I had a problem once where, for some reason, the first sync seemed to overwhelm the mobile device when E2EE was being applied to existing notes. The "Enter Password" prompt did not appear until I had pressed the sync button and manually synced of couple of times. Not very scientific but possibly worth a try!