Should i save my journal and other private info on Joplin?

Is it safe to save my notes (personal diary) and other private info (people ID, people phones, bank accounts..)? There's no option to set password for notes or even the software itself. I'm using Joplin on Linux Mint.

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You should enable end-to-end encryption in Joplin settings, initially on one device. This will create a master key secured by a password if your choice.

I use a password manager for bank details etc., but use Joplin for my journal.

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Hi and welcome here, lemon13!

Joplin stores the data on your device, so the data is always as safe as your device is safe. Everyone, who has access to your system can open Joplin and see every note. So if you share you system with others, you can't make it safe easily, as Joplin does not support access limitations by itself.

Over all it's a well discussed topic here wether to encrypt the Joplin database on the device or not. But at present, it is not planned to implement that. If you like, have a look here for the arguments.


BTW, I would always recommend using a separate password managing tool and not use Joplin for that. My choice is KeePass and there is KeePassXC for linux.


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