How large can I grow my Joplin data and for how long?

I've been looking for a solution like this for 2 decades!

Now I'm going nuts with tons and tons of data, I use Joplin all day long multiple times per hour to add stuff and manage.

I plan to use this forever, so the data might get humongous, like 100 000 notes, thousand and thousands of images and files.

Can Joplin handle this?

And what if this gets deprecated in 10 years, will I still be able to access my data?

We all know that OneNote and other platforms change, they you are stuck with issues, I take it it's not the same with Joplin since the data can be preserved as plain html or markdown?

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This is an important topic and has been discussed multiple times before in this forum. The general answer is that Joplin can handle a large amount of notes. Large number of tags may cause delays in loading. Please have a look at the below discussions.

As far as data is considered, it is all markdown so you are never locked in.


Thanks, I'll look into this

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