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How do you search for todos?


Just installed and gave Joplin a try. Looks and works awesome thus far. There’s one big issue for me though: I can’t get it to search my todos. I.e., searching text generally works (so the search is not broken in my installation I guess – using it on macOS).

However, if I type - [ ] or "- [ ]" into the search box, it doesn’t seem to be able to find the results (i…e, notes that contain said todos).

Any tips?


Are you using global search or search with a note?

In any case, I doubt that you can do that. The global search makes use of the FTS engine of sqlite. - denotes not and I believe escaping characters are not taken into account.
I tried several ways to esacape and quote serach tokens, but to no avail.

But @laurent wrote the search logic. He should have an idea how you might be able to search for a string that starts with - [ ].


Thanks, that might explain it! Btw. I tried both local and global search. I think search in general may currently only support letters and numbers, not symbols.

E.g., even if I try ( ) it doesn’t work. It briefly flashes as a result (see lower right):


but then vanishes as 1/2 second later.

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