How do I organize my notes neatly in Joplin?

Can anyone share how people manage their notes? I have been using Joplin for 5 months, but I feel that my note arrangement is not very neat :thinking:, can anyone share it for me?

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Not an expert, but speaking as someone with way too many notebooks and sub-notebooks, your arrangement looks very clean. To be honest, the notebook icons look a little messy, but if they help you with finding what you're looking for quicker, then that's great :slightly_smiling_face:.

You seem to be using a smaller screen, so I'd suggest to shrink the notebooks and notes columns horizontally to make more space for the actual note content. This is at least what I've been doing on small screens, e.g.

Unfortunately, the columns can't be shrunken any more without losing access to the top buttons.

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My setup has evolved over time and came from long long ago with Evernote. It includes major divisions like personal/ Book notes (I take copious notes on some books I read and review them) / Business which has many subcategories including clients / Outside world with interesting essays from the web political etc.

But, here's an idea that might help. Get a cheap or free mindmapping program and begin doing a mind map of all the things you could take notes on, website articles you could grab, whatever you might want to refer to. Then organize and re-organize in the mindmap and use that to discover what would work best for you.

I find simpleMind simple but very effective.


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