How do I open a link?

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apparently this has already been a topic but I haven't seen a definitive answer ...

I have linkify enabled and have links like so:

Limkify correctly sees this as a link, but how do I open the link? Regardless of editor, I find neither a direct way (just clicking on it) nor an indirect way (using a context menu iten like "open ...") to open the link.

Is there another setting I am missing here?


Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, linux)

Client-ID: 3708fbfebb3646c787c57619e7200257
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 41
Unterst├╝tzter Schl├╝sselbund: Nein

Revision: 98fba37

I stand corrected. I have the "Rich Markdown"-Editor enabled, and when switching to that the link opens .. (why only there?).


Good morning,

you have three options to open a link in the markdown editor. Position the cursor on the link and try one of the following:

  • Right click on the link and select "Perform action" (see screenshot below)
  • Press "Control + Enter" on the keyboard
  • Hold the "Control" button down and left click with the mouse




All three work; thank you; should have been able to figure that out by myself ...

(I had been using the WYSIWYG editor, though and couldn't (and still cannot) get it to work there. It probably says somewhere that this is a limitation of the WYSIWYG editor which I've just missed)


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