How do I edit note from the command line?

version 1.0.150
it starts like :edit "note name"

no where that I can find does it show specifically how to edit a note, I just want to know exactly how to edit a note since it's an option it should provide that information but I still haven't figured it out show me an full example nothing I do inside the terminal on iMac will allow me to edit, regards

do you just :ren "note name" "second name", etc. I don't see a use for :edit not sure if it's better to just delete the note altogether or just :ren the note? what is the best option here and why is there an :edit if I can't seem to do nothing with it?

Had no idea it would paste it inline like this...

I've tried :edit $n, etc. in command line but it doesn't do anything that I can tell to allow me to edit not sure if there is something else I need to do but I don't know what that would be?

Have you set a text editor in the joplin config? i.e. :config editor nano means the window swaps to nano for me.
After that you just have to write :edit "note name" or :edit n$ (if cursor on the current note). In shell mode you can do pretty much the same - `joplin edit "note name".
The terminal app normally tells you if you entered anything incorrectly.


ok, thank you for that, I made an edit but now how do I get out, I hit control T but how to return to joplin?

I got it figured out so thank you for that information greatly appreciated.

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