How do I edit in Markdown without having a preview panel which shows the cleartext?

Hello. Pardon me if I do not explain my question very well, but is there an option/plugin to disable the left editor of my screen, which shows the cleartext. I want to see only the rendered markdown text.

Just for example, I want to see only the right side of my screen, while preserving the right to enter text.

How can I accomplish this?


Simple answer, you can't. The markdown editor is for entering markdown and the viewer is for viewing it. You can toggle the panes so you can have the editor only, viewer only or dual pane.

Another option is the richtext editor which is the button in the top right:
But you can't use actual markdown in it, you have to use the in built editor controls. The note is still saved as markdown but there are limitations.

Another option is the rich markdown plugin which is designed to make a more seamless experience and to "ditch the markdown viewer". This is probably the closest thing you are looking for?

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Thanks for the reply.
I want to use vanilla markdown as I don't really like rich text editing. Honestly, this seems like a feature which should be included in most markdown apps.
I will try to search for plugin that can do this. It's elegant IMO to read and write everything in the same window, without having to deal with previews.

Well the closest to that is the plugin linked above, closest you will get to a typora marktext type experience. (Of course you could always just use those as external editors).

你可以尝试这个插件:GitHub - SeptemberHX/joplin-plugin-enhancement: joplin plugin to enhance my daily usage

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With the plugin RichMarkdown and a little tweaking you can get quite close to a markdown only experience. Then press the ctrl-l keys a couple of times to only see the markdown editor and voila.

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