How can I manually load my local notes into the WebDav directory?

Good evening. First of all, Joplin is really super handy!

Unfortunately I have a problem with synchronization since I wanted to add a new device.
First I used a wrong password for the encryption, then I noticed that there are several versions of the synchronization (2 and 3) and then I deleted the online directory (WebDav) for testing and could not restore it :((

I use 1x the Android app, 2x from the flatpack for Linux, 1x Windows 10. I sync with WebDav.

Now how can I copy from my Linux PC the local notes to my empty WebDav directory? Please help me, I am already very desperate.


here are the steps

  • Choose the device with the latest version of your notes (Linux PC in your case)
  • Run Joplin, stop sync if it attempts to start
  • Make a Jex backup of all notes just in case
  • Tools > Options > Synchronisation > Show advanced settings > Re-Upload local data to sync target
  • App will reload and will upload your notes to the sync target
  • Wait patiently till the process is complete

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