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Hello, I have a question about synchronisation.
My setup ist Joplin-2.9.17_9924054d3e168d9fc83aee8b8d7a1173.AppImage on LinuxMint 20.3, sync with WebDAV to mailprovider, mobile devices are tablet and smartphone.
Using simple-backup-plugin for jex-export.

I made a test-scenario to investigate the synchronisation:
I startet joplin on laptop from scratch, imported jex-backup and usersettings (all notes/notebooks ok) and synced to my (emptied) destination on WebDAV (ok).

Then I started joplin on the tablet which was not in sync and had an older state. For the synchronisation I disabled the failsafe.
After the sync the tablet was exactly like the desktop-verson, the old notes were deleted.

Now the question:

  • which way takes the sync
  • why does ist delete the old notes on the tablet (which means, that the sync-way was from WebDAV to device)
  • why is a note created on the tablet synced to WebDAV (which means, that the sync way is from device to WebDAV)

Is there a way to configure a one-way or two-way sync?

The sync is always two-way. No, there is no setting to control that. However, in the desktop application you can either "re-upload local data to sync target" or "delete local data and re-download from sync target" which effectively performs a one-time one-way sync.

Thank you for your answer.
But that doesn't explain, why the "old notes" in the tablet are not uploaded to WebDAV but deleted instead.

I believe that apart from the first sync to a new sync target (when the client data goes to the empty server), the server has the priority when connecting a new client. The server sends its data to the client and anything else on the client is deleted (that's why there is a failsafe option). From then on if a note is created or updated on a client it gets sent to the server and the server is also checked by the client for updates on the server.

Hi. Which WebDAV provider are you using? Some WebDAV providers(pCloud, jianguoyun) don't work well with Joplin.


Nothing that the OP wrote suggested that there were any problems with their WebDAV setup. They were just trying to ascertain how sync works.

Oh I didn't read the post of the OP carefully so I didn't realize it. I just noticed "the old notes are deleted", which is pretty common when a user uses jianguoyun with a lot of notes.
Sorry for my carelessness.

I think the answer from dpoulton is satisfying.
Thank you all.

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