How can I get rid of the "update decryption password" banner

Version: 1.8.5
OS/Phone: Android 10.0 on Galaxay S9

I just did a fresh install of the Joplin app on my phone, and then I manually downloaded from my backup storage all of the files from my previous install, put them in the folder, and then set that as the sync target.

It seemed to work perfectly fine in terms of retrieving the data, all of the notes and notebooks and media files were there. However, there is this banner telling me I need to reset my decryption password:

When I press on it, it takes me here:

But no matter what I do - Turn encryption on, turn encryption off, leave the password blank, put in a new password, etc - it will not go away. Now I had purposely decrypted all the notes before I extracted them out of my previous install, so there was no need for a password to make them readable on this one.

How can I make this banner go away? Ideally I would like to completely delete the current encryption key so that it won't prompt me if I export this again, but there doesn't seem to be any way to wipe it in the configuration interface.

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