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How are you using the Command Palette? Poll and Discussion

  • What's a command palette?
  • I've heard about this but I can't figure it out.
  • I use it rarely for some specific tasks
  • I use it all the time
  • I use it exclusively when I can
  • I'd use it more if it had X feature (explain below)

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Please share in comments the ways you use the Command Palette, specifically the most frequently used commands.

For those who don't know, the command palette is a way to do things in Joplin by typing the name of a command rather than a) clicking an icon b) selecting something in a menu or c) using a shortcut key. You can access it by typing ctrl shift p.

It is connected with goto anything (ctrl p).

I only started using the command palette(CP) recently after beginning to work with VS Code. I think it's wonderful. In fact, I decided to use css to block all of the icons that I could access using the CP.

The most common commands I use are actually for plugins. I do format table, paste as html, and insert date almost daily. I also use open profile directory and new sub folder

I really appreciate the CP during zoom presentations when I need to make notes. That way I don't have to fiddle with the mouse.

I prefer using the CP to shortcut keys since I can just remember the name of the thing I want to do rather than a shortcut key, although I still use ctrl n for new notes.

There are a few commands that I can't find that I think would be really useful:

  • Restart Joplin
  • Open Prefrences
  • Open userchrome.css
  • Open userstyle.css
  • Toggle development tools
  • All notes
  • Switch between note and to-do type
  • delete note

And functionally I really miss the behaviour in VS Code where

  1. the most recently used commands are by default at the top of the list so that often you can just press enter to get what you want and
  2. the most recently used items that match your keystrokes are at the very top. For example, right now if I want to do a paste as html and I type h it just lists all the commands that contain h, despite the fact that I recently (and possibly only ever) used the paste as html command.

I typically only use it for specific stuff I don't really use all that often but then again I'm probably quite 'basic' in the way I use Joplin compared to others. The way I use it is still very much manual rather than going all in with various time saving methods so really the basic Joplin feature set is all I really want 90% of the time.
I also don't have an issue with extra toolbars or UI elements etc as I tend to use it mostly on a pretty high res ultrawide so screen clutter really isn't a problem.
And it isn't as if I don't have use for command palettes at all, I use it a lot in Atom to do pretty much everything, I just don't have the same requirements of Joplin.

Option 7 - I know of it but I do not need it / use it.

Right. I'm on a small laptop so decluttering is useful.

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I just realized that there is no command palette for switching a note to a todo and vice versa. It's also not available through the menu bar. I can only find it on the note title right click in the notes list

I've been using Joplin for several months and just now I discovered that it supports command pallet. SMH

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I want delete the current note command available in the command pallet~~

Because sometimes I just hit cmd-n to create a new note at-hoc to record some information or ideas. Latter, I review those notes and I want to delete the notes which contents I have reorganized into somewhere else. But these is no shortcuts of delete the current notes. I have to toggle the note list on, then use the mouse to click the note to delete it.

Oh, yes, I just added that to the list of things I'd like added.

@laurent, is adding new commands something that needs to be done with a plugin, or would that be a core modification?


They can be added through plugins. In fact any command (in the toolbar) is automatically included in the command palette.
Some internal commands pre-date the command palette so they need to be changed to take advantage of it, that's why they're missing.

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And we have currently a regression which is why some text editing actions do not show up in the command palette.

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