How about F-droid?

Google play can not be accessed in some countries, how about put the android app in F-Droid?

F-droid issue

APK location

Go to and click on Download APK File

IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

It’s actually a good idea. I’ve installed LineageOS on a tablet along with f-droid. I searched for Joplin there and couldn’t find it. The ticket referenced above has been opened more than a year ago. What is missing to actually get Joplin on f-droid ? Can the community help to push the request forward ?

To answer all your questions you only have to read the first and the third link above. :wink:

As you can see, a question was asked to an f-droid maintainer and we are all still waiting for an answer.
Also, Joplin is available in the IzzyOnDroid repo on F-droid (3rd link). Add the repo to your F-droid and voilà, you'll find Joplin.

I’m closing this topic.

All available information is provided in the 2nd and 4th comment. We don’t have any more info than that.