Question about Jolin F-Droid version


what changes in the f droid version?
what made them change their mind regarding the bringing this to f droid? i read last time there were conflicts regarding bringing this to f droid

also regarding mobile and desktop version. how do i know if my mobile version is compatible with the desktop version. will there be like a notes on the release page to indicate this?


I didn't think it was available on the official F-droid repo yet? It is on IzzySoft's repo though - Joplin - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository
I guess there are still unresolved proprietary dependencies.

As for the versions, the release notes will likely state if there is going to be a problem due to a change. For example when Joplin hit 2.3 it upgraded the sync target itself which required all clients to be on 2.3 which was 1) in the release notes and 2) in the error messages if a device attempted to sync.

so what im looking at now on f droid is like the apk found on the release page right? nothing altered?
like i can install either one and it doesnt matter right?

whats the difference between google pplay and the one on the github repo

I don't think there is any difference? However it is not an "official" source so if you have any questions it would be best to message the maintainer instead

Yes the apk and Google Play versions are the same. The IzzyOnDroid should be the same too, but it's not an official release.