F-droid version not updated

Last version on f-droid is 1.0.241, latest version according to website is 1.0.160.

Can you please UPDATE THIS, now it’s not even syncing properly anymore with latest version on pc…

Come on, please don’t force me to use google play for this. Isn’t joplin also supposed to be for privacy conscious people who use nextcloud and all that?

IzzyOnDroid repository btw since it’s still not in regular one…

Izzyondroid is a third party package and has no real connection to the Joplin project (beyond including an outdated version). There were some problems with including Joplin in fdroid. If you search the forum you can find all the answers you are looking for.

I’d recommend installing from the APK.

So maybe you can update version so it works again?

downloading apk and then what, manually check for updates every week? :S kind of a shitty alternative… would be nice if there would be some open source package manager that i could use…

If you want the izzydroid package to be updated you need to contact them, as I said above they have no connection (that I know about) to this project.

if you want people to have your software up to date and secure, without being dependent on google play, you make sure it’s in an open source software repository.

What are you talking about anyway? The linked version on the project home page is 276, version on izzysoft is 276, it’s the latest version everywhere.

v160 is the desktop version, it’s something different.

hmm problem was with my f-droid install i guess, really sorry i jumped through conclusions, please delete this thread and my shame :frowning: