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I’m super lazy so I would like to open a particular note str8 from the iPhone home screen, with one terminal command or as quickly as possible from the desktop. Can anyone tell me the quickest way to open a given note from these three platforms?

I honestly don’t think there is. Joplin doesn’t save notes in a normal way like many other note taking apps. Notes and resources (such as images or files) are labeled in a cryptic, non human readable way. It’s also heavily built around syncing with a cloud server for saving notes so that they are easily and quickly accessible for both local and mobile usages.

I could be wrong and someone may have a way around it here, but from using it, it doesn’t seem like it.

Of course, if your notes aren’t encrypted, if you know the specific title of your note, you might be able to use something like
grep -r "<insert title here> /directory/where/you/keep/local/copy/of/cloud/files.

You’ll need to make sure whatever cloud service you use has a client available for your desktop and that it’s running frequently enough that you don’t have to worry about being out of sync with Joplin.

As long as you have one note with that specific title and no other ones share that in either its title or body, you could pass the results of the above command to vim or any other terminal text editor and possibly edit your notes that way.

The biggest issue is that you’ll need to manually insert markdown code by hand, can’t directly add images, files or link to other notes, and you always have the possibility of corrupting whatever note you’re editing this way.

Right yeah I guess "is there an establish way to" is a more accurate phase than "is it possible to". Thanks, great answer! I guess you're not an iPhone user :slight_smile:

I am an iPhone, Android, and Linux user all at one time right now. I haven’t found a mobile option yet for what you’re looking to do

Another excellent response, thanks bedwardly-down

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Also, if you ever want to use it more in the future:

grep -r "" / 

means recursively search a directory for that string. A lot of core Linux cli apps use -r for recursive. Such a useful feature.

Two solutions I can think of are
Using tags, add a tag like !important, on the iphone just click the tag and it will show you all the notes, not the most efficient way but it works

Deep Linking, this is not yet available. but when available you can use other program to directly open specific notes, this would probably be something like URI joplin:\notes\specific note addres

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Would that only be applicable to an iPhone or would Android possibly have something equivalent at least on both fronts?

Thanks @subie deep linking seems interesting. Just think some people take so many notes (maybe trying to integrate their brain into the internet of things?) that it would save moments not to go through the app each time.

im not too sure about that, but I tried other apps like zotero that can do this

i hope this get implemented, I use zotero’s uri to connect my references and notes in joplin.

My use case is that I have one note to keep track of my car usage. It’s linked to the Android home screen for direct access. When I click the link it will open Evernote and is fully functional note taking. I would like to do that now in Joplin. Thus the link should open Joplin and go direct to the note. If it’s not yet possible, can it be a feature request?