Highlight searched text in notes

Is there a way where searched text get highlighted?
After using CTRL+P for global searching and choosing a note, it is very annoying to use a CTRL+F to search again inside the (long) note.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Could you check your light or dark theme you use, maybe the highlight color overlapping with the theme color. I can see the word/text found directly in the note as well without pressing CTRL + F

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Thank you.
I use Joplin on Windows and Linux (sometimes also on Android).
Usually, I use the light theme, but after reading your suggestion, I changed it to dark (I'm on Linux at the moment). But it looks the same - there is no highlight founding, I have to use CTRL+F (you mentioned CTRL+L?) to find what I am looking for inside a specific note. It is really annoying.
I can't remember any changes and I have had the same (annoying) behavior for years.

Sorry, I have made a typing error, I have corrected above it is CTRL + F. And I have a different behavior on Linux and also on iPad, I can see the highlighted words on a note after searching it without any additional process.

After some testing, I have found out that searched text is highlighted only if I'm in View Layout.
At least 95 % of the time I'm in Editor Layout and if search strings aren't highlighted there.
This is probably a bug?

This seems to be related to Search string not highlighted in rich editor · Issue #6088 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


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