For each note, have it's own layout

If I’m editing a new note and want to review material in a previous note, it’s inconvenient to have to change the layout to view the properly formatted previous note(s) and then back to edit mode in the new note. It would be nice if for each note it had it’s own qualifier for what layout to be in (split, edit, etc.)

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I second this.
Also, some notes are in their final state, while others are always in a state of change. It would be great if the notes that I have to look at frequently but never edit would automatically be in a formatted layout state (by remembering how I left them), and the notes that I am always editing always being in a spilt layout, for example.
It’s annoying that I always have to reach for the layout button every time I swinch between notes.

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Use CTRL + L and your hands do not have to leave the keyboard.

@dpoulton Thank you, this certainly improves the situation. I still think the feature is warranted as a part of proper UX. Sort of like how Windows remembers the position of your windows.