Help with Excalidraw PR: suggesting different toolbar icon

I've found out today via another thread that Excalidraw plugin actually works!

Now that I've got it working I'd like to make some contributions. I am not, however, a software dev. If any software dev, someone with coding skills better than mine, is willing to take pity on a UX designer wanting to make code contributions, I'd appreciate your input.

Suggestion to change toolbar icon

I'd like to make a PR to change the icon to the original Excalidraw icon.


The main driver for this is I expected to see the Excalidraw icon somewhere on the toolbar.

Right now the use of a different icon is a usabililty issue - it took me close to 10 mins (of random clicking) to realise that the fa-palette icon was for Excalidraw.

Similar applications that have integrated Excalidraw use the correct icon.

Current icon

The add Excalidraw panel icon (fa-palette) used in the toolbar is shown below:

It's location in the plugin code.

Official Excalidraw icon

The official icon can be seen in the Excalidraw repo.

What's the best way to make this PR?

The approach I think I need to follow is:

  • clone the plugin repo
  • add the official icon to it (to /src/ as that's where other images seem to be located)
  • then change toolbar icon in the plugin code referenced here and here to the official icon.

Does this sound correct?

Is there anything I need to consider when doing this? Any suggestions advice, greatly appreciated!

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Hi, guys! I have completed the optimization of icons in 1.4.0. Welcome to experience.