Icons for plugins?


How can I use icons for plugins, especially ones that show up in the tool bar? All the plugins I use have a gear icon and that is really not so useful. I guess it would be nice if the developers of these plugins can provide their own icons.


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All of the plugins I have tried do have icons, but this can occur when you use the rich-text editor and install a plugin that does not work with the rich text editor.

This picture shows the editor bar for the rich text editor with "cog" icons for the five controls for the "Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons" plugin.

This picture shows the icons displaying when editing in Markdown mode.

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Well, I use the rich text editor mainly and occasionally the regular one when the rich text messes things up. Is there a way to add plugin icons to the rich text editor toolbar?

I have no idea as I am not a programmer, but having icons for options that are not actually available could make things quite confusing. I think that it would make more sense if plugins that only work with the markdown editor did not place icons in the rich text editor toolbar (or vice versa). Whether that is possible to implement I do not know...

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this is also confusing for me, as i almost exclusively use Rich editor. I feel like i might have downloaded a lot of plugins that only work in markdown without realizing.

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