Help and accessibility tools

Hi, I have an idea to make UI easy for every user.
As I want everyone around the globe to use Joplin with ease so we can give them an option for slight_smile: 1. Large fonts(especially for old age people)
2. Blue filter option (to protect eyes )
3. Customize option
4. Dyslexia(customizable fonts for people with dyslexia)
I would like to contribute to these issues for Joplin.

Most of those can be achieved through CSS already (either directly or via a plugin).

Not sure I understand this one though

Yes, definitely these all can be solved using CSS.
But it would be good for users if these options is included soon.
whereas customizable option means we can give them an option to select font,font-size,letter-spacing,word-spacing and line height.

Plugins can register their own settings and commands etc. so all of that stuff can also just be via a plugin theme.
The richtext editor can be a little trickier to theme though.

okay, alright.