Has keyboard shortcuts changed?

I have noticed a change in keyboard shortcuts (Windows application, French keyboard), but I can't find any information about it, so I wonder if I dreamed…

As far as I recall, it had mostly the same keyboard shortcuts as in Visual Studio Code.

  • When I selected something and hit backtick (on my French KB, that's AltGr+7, then space as it is seen as an accent to put on a letter), it surrounded the selection with these characters. It still does that with single and double quotes, but no longer with backtick, it replaces the selection with the character.
  • I could duplicate a line with Shift+Alt+Down or Up. It no longer works, I have to hit Ctrl+Shift+D.
  • Ctrl+drag selection no longer copy the selection at the drop point, it moves it as if Ctrl isn't pressed.

And perhaps other problems as well.

Another issue: I tried to edit the Code shortcut, as Ctrl+` cannot work on my keyboard, as explained (it is not a direct key), but if I do Edit, then hit Ctrl+Shift+C, it is stuck a Ctrl+Shift as if triple key shortcut isn't taken in account (even if they are some in the list already).

From the below PR on GitHub this appears to have been fixed.

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