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Halloween theme

Just want to say how much I appreciate and enjoy the little halloween theme on discourse.
I don't suppose you would be able to share an svg or something of the little Joplin pumpkin? I love it.

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Thanks, glad you like it! For the SVG I have it for the whole logo including title but extracting the pumpkin from it shouldn't be too difficult (I've tried but I'm clueless with Inkscape).



I love the Halloween without bats, thank you! :partying_face:

Can we expect more seasonal themes in the future?

If anyone did want the standalone pumpkin I extracted it.


Yes we might do that, it's easy enough to make a small tweak like this and brings some variety.

We just need to avoid what we've done last year with the falling snow flakes which makes everyone's CPU runs at 100%.


Hi @laurent Can I edit it for my avator?

Yes as long as it's sufficiently modified it's fine.

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I may have got slightly carried away here...
I've swapped my Joplin icon for the pumpkin and made an .ico file for it.
I also swapped out all the resources in C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\build\icons with a set I quickly just exported from the svg with the right file names (I didn't look into colour depth or anything, just a quick and dirty hack).
I don't actually know which icon size is needed for what and the only thing it seems to change is the system tray icon but thats a win in my book.

I assume the icon in the top left of the application is baked into the joplin .exe itself.

If anyone else is daft enough to want do this then here is everything:
halloweenicons.zip (214.6 KB)

Edit: - only did it for Windows if that wasn't obvious. No idea how to do it for macOS and changing icons on Cinnamon desktop on Linux gives me a headache


That's a great idea! :partying_face:

Somebody should probably stop me at this point...

.note-list{background-image: url(file:///C:/bats.png);
    	   background-size: contain;

From https://i.imgur.com/SJ3ht7b.png


Ha, that's too many bats...

Btw, I forgot to share my avator kit. joplin_pumpkin_kit.zip (547.7 KB)

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I didn't find that the top bar was full of bats, until I see it on the mobile white theme. :joy: