GSOC: introduction @sealch

Hello, my name is Sergey, I am Ukrainian and a full-time student at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a major in Information Technology. Despite the age of 19, I already have 1+ years of commercial development experience in a startup as a full-stack web developer. That is why I would be extremely excited to work on features that require a high level of skill and patience. In my previous job I was developing a high-load medical related system and released critical security updates. I have solid experience in building and maintaining node.js apps along with popular backend and frontend frameworks.

During that short period of time I’m participating in development of Joplin I already found a few Issues and created three pull requests.

I have few personal ideas, which I will add later, however, I am super interested in working on OCR support because I had some experience with image processing libraries in the past.

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Welcome, Sergey. I’m Brandon, one of the mentors here. If you haven’t yet, please read the GSoC Live Blog for information about various topics that should help you get started. It’s frequently updated, so it’ll be your best friend.

Those Pull Requests alluded to in your introduction, do you have links to them? Do you have a Github profile you can link? How long have you been using Joplin and on what platforms?

Nice to meet you, Brandon, thanks for a warm welcome. I have been using Joplin for a while, however, started contributing relatively recently. I use macOS and IOS apps most of the time, however, sometimes I use Android and Linux apps as well.

You can find my pull requests and opened issues by my GitHub nickname: @sealch or going directly to my profile

By the way, do you mind if I pm you for a proposal review and to explain my idea in the nearest future?

@PackElend, your call on this one.

yes go ahead as long as you follow the instruction given in GSoC Live Blog! tightly.

Keep in mind that contributions to the code base are mandatory to accept a proposal

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