GSoC idea - Support for multiple profiles

What doesn't work right now: Having a notebook for sensitive personal information that is not automatically downloaded (and decrypted) onto my work PC - while having a different notebook shared across both computers (say, generic to-do lists).

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Maybe hiding the not selected profile should work, instead of open another instance of the app? Switching themes would also be very good, but I don't know if it would be possible just hiding some notebooks.

The security mentioned by keyx is another issue. I'm not a programmer, and I don't know if is possible to selectively backup notes if the same instance is still running.

I know the --profile argument is unsupported, but will you describe how to implement it on MacOS? I created a flags.txt file that will open dev tools, but can't seem to get the profile feature to work.

Not quite sure I follow. You start the app with the argument --profile. e.g.:

/Applications/ --profile ~/tmp/profile
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+1 to add this feature. It would be really helpful

Hi @tessus, could you please tell me how I can open a specific profile on Android?

You can't.

However, some Android versions allow you to install an app twice using 2 separate backend storage.

Thanks for the quick reply, kind sir.

I'm using Dr Clone exactly for that purpose.

If using J for collaborative work for several projects, a simple concept is

  • project 1 on share A with access for all contributors of 1
  • project 2 on share B with access for all contributors of 2
    while 1 and 2 do not have to be be identical groups.

This is of help for many reasons:

  • security / privacy: only involved persons see the notes concerning a project
  • usability: once there is a larger amount of projects, people will not want to see notes most of which are not relevant for them.

The easiest way of solving this (as shown by MS OneNote, e.g.) would be to allow to select a location for each top level notebook.
This is the only feature that I strongly miss in J.


Just for the record, I'd like to add my support for this. Right now, I could really use three separate profiles. Ideally two or more at the same time, so Joplin being able to run in multiple instances with different profiles would be the ideal solution. Thank you for your efforts.

This was for last year's GSoC. This won't be an option for this year.

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