Multiple "Channel" feature request for Joplin

I LOVE Joplin. The current features could satisfy almost all I need. I want to treat Joplin as my main notebook apps.

There is a quite meaningful use case:

For instance, I want to write personal notes, write a diary, etc. Sometimes, I want to share the screen with my colleagues and boss to show some work notes. However, I don’t want to show even the title of my personal notebook and notes.

In this case, having multiple channels to separate work, life and study are very necessary.

Hopefully, developers would appreciate this idea and make Joplin the best!


You can start Joplin with a --prefix argument to select a particular collection of notes and settings. So you can run a Joplin with work notes, one with private notes, etc.

Small correction. The argument is --profile

@tessus Where are the command line parameters documented? I didn’t know about this feature until this discussion.

Note that when using multiple profiles, you need to first close Joplin before opening a new one. i.e. there cannot be two instances of Joplin running with two different profiles.

@Tekki This is a good question. I don’t really know. I don’t think they are.

FYI, there’s also a feature request open on gh:


Thank you for your guys reply and interested in this feature.

Instead of using instance, it is convenient to change the implementation internally?
Is it convenient to do something in the interface similar to Pycharm (as you could see in the image at the leftmost panel: projects, structure, favorites)
We could let user to customize them into work, study, private etc?

As a loyal user, it think it would be most appreciated if the interface could be designed in this intuitive way to achieve “multiple channel”.
Thank you very much.

IIUC you want to ‘clone’ the main window into tabs.
Would it be an option to move top level folders into tabs? So you can have a top level “Work”, “Private” and so on.

I think it is better to have a “higher level” of separation.

Definitely, We could name three folders “work”, “private”, “study”, and then use subfolder to have other notebook. But the tags are all there, shared among all the folders.

I think “channel” is a higher level separation. Everything is not shared between channels.

What do you guys think? Is it a good ideas to create channels?

Having fully separated data sounds identical to running multiple joplin instances.
What would be the benefits?

The only advantage I can think of is when each joplin instance is capable of starting one of the others.

Yep, this is part of the feature request. If the architecture is there to run several instances at the same time, it is also not a problem to

  • start a new instance from a current (running) one
  • switch instances
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Yep, looking forward to see you guys great work!

If this means we could have a separate channel with content shared with the co-workers and with its own encryption key, this would be a big improvement.

:+1: You brought another important use case!

My personal use case would be to have general notes (unencrypted), and encrypted private notes. Currently I need to use the external editor to manually en/decrypt private notes.