GPS tracks visualization ability

I am looking for a way to transform my mountaineering journal into a digital format. In this regard I would like to ask:

Is there any way to accompany the notes with GPX tracks from the GPS device, visualized on a map?

I know the question is too specific, but this note-taking software turned out to be a kind of love at first sight for me. The only functionality I miss in this case is the visualization of the tracks.


I feel it's a bit too specific to add this to the app, and it wouldn't have all the features of a specialised app. If someone wants to create a renderer though I wouldn't be opposed.

Personally I simply use Geo Tracker to load gpx files. It displays them on a map and also has some nice features like elevation charts, max altitude, etc.

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I appreciate your time and attention and will certainly check out the proposed solution.


I think this could be implemented via a plugin. Personally I don't really use the GPS feature, but maybe there's a dev out there who does this type of journaling as well.

It sounds like an interesting idea.

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