Google Drive Sync Hell

First, how I got here. I was using DropBox to sync my notebook between devices until Dropbox free announced new connected device limits. I already pay extra for Google Drive storage so I figured I could set up Google Drive Backup and Sync on all my devices and store the notebook there.

That seemed to work at first but now I’m finding notes that exist on one device and not on the others. After much thrashing, I now have three devices that reference the Joplin directory on Google Drive but are all missing some notes from the others.

When I try to run Synchronize on the PC’s I get the message “Created remote items: 1. Completed: 17/04/2019”.

Help Please!

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Followup: I have examined the Joplin directories on the PC and Android and they have the same list of .md files but I notice that the Android doesn’t have the .resource or .sync directories? What files have to be synced between PC and Android?

You need to sync .resource too, but isn’t it just hidden on Android?

Is Google Drive still a sync option? I’m not seeing it on the Synchronisation target list:

It never was.

It’s now unlikely to happen: