Go to the Top in Editing-Mode

Joplin is such a great app and does not deserve the missing of the basic function to go to the top of a note in the editing-mode :slight_smile:
It happend to me several times that I messed up a note while wiping up to the top.

If you're using and knowing Tasker there's a solution for that:


  • Tasker

  • Tasker Plugin "AutoInput"

  • Knowledge about adb-commands (grant permission for the Keyboard-Command. Tasker will tell you how to)

      Profile: JoplinGoToTop (69)
      	Restore: no
      	Application: Joplin
      	Event: AutoInput Key [ Configuration:Keys: Volume Up
      Key Action: Key Down ]
      Enter: CtrlHome (68)
      	A1: Keyboard [  Input:Control+Move Home Time Between Inputs:500 Don't Restore Keyboard:Off ]
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How does it work? :smiley:

@4SM, just did a quick search and it looks like this is Android only and requires purchasing of app if you haven’t already. There also looks like a basic tutorial on its site too.


on my Mac OS laptop, I use cmd+up arrow to reach at the beginning of the note and cmd+down arrow to the end.
On Linux or Windows OS, I suppose the same with the ctrl key.


That’s right. But on a Smartphone you don’t have these keys at your fingertip.

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Correct, need ability to edit note at top, instead of bottom, in android. Long notes make it impossible to scroll up. Edits at top on android should mirror desktop functionality which starts at top.

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