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Go to the Top in Editing-Mode

Joplin is such a great app and does not deserve the missing of the basic function to go to the top of a note in the editing-mode :slight_smile:
It happend to me several times that I messed up a note while wiping up to the top.

If you’re using and knowing Tasker there’s a solution for that:


  • Tasker

  • Tasker Plugin “AutoInput”

  • Knowledge about adb-commands (grant permission for the Keyboard-Command. Tasker will tell you how to)

      Profile: JoplinGoToTop (69)
      	Restore: no
      	Application: Joplin
      	Event: AutoInput Key [ Configuration:Keys: Volume Up
      Key Action: Key Down ]
      Enter: CtrlHome (68)
      	A1: Keyboard [  Input:Control+Move Home Time Between Inputs:500 Don't Restore Keyboard:Off ]
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How does it work? :smiley:

@4SM, just did a quick search and it looks like this is Android only and requires purchasing of app if you haven’t already. There also looks like a basic tutorial on its site too.


on my Mac OS laptop, I use cmd+up arrow to reach at the beginning of the note and cmd+down arrow to the end.
On Linux or Windows OS, I suppose the same with the ctrl key.


That’s right. But on a Smartphone you don’t have these keys at your fingertip.

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