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Hi there. Thank you for great product, and discuss environment.

I’m tending to use Joplin far from mouse and found one great combo breaker. When I want to switch to different notebook, I had to know any its note’s contents for switching to this notebooks tree within ctrl+G. I get used to create “index pages” to switch between notebooks. While one simple improvement could dramatically improve such experience:

If only notebook name matched search - jump to last edited note on it.

It is simple workaround, which just doesn’t handle one case - empty notebook.


Maybe I don’t completely understand what it is you’re trying to do?

Do you just want to switch a notebook? In that case, CTRL + G followed by @notebook name should do the trick.

Does that not work for you?
Or did you mean something else?

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Oh shi! I didn’t see the legend icon. Thank you, it completely solves my problem!

Glad it helped!
You can mark it as a solution, for anyone else who might be looking.