Move to notebook broken?

Tried “Move to notebook” for the first time today (I’ve used drag/drop). After selecting the destination notebook and “OK”… nothing happens. Reselecting “Move to notebook” with right-click no longer lists notebook targets unless I restart Joplin.

The same occurs when selecting multiple notes and using “Move to notebook”.

Otherwise drag/drop works for single or multiple notes.

Joplin 1.0.227 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 30
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 4913fdb8 (master)

Win x64-1909

I also noted that after a failed “Move to notebook” attempt, that the menu bar’s tag icon is no longer responsive (it does not open a window to add or select a tag).

Again, a restart solves that.

I’m using Synology WebDAV if that makes a difference.

This post from just over a week ago reports this and from the GitHub link it appears to have been fixed in the pre-release 1.0.229 but there is not a full release version yet.

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Thanks. I missed finding that. Sounds to be what I’m seeing on Windows10.