Global Shortcut for creating new note

Hi everyone!
I am using Joplin but i miss a global shortcut to add new notes.
I am on kubuntu linux 18.04 (ubuntu) with kde plasma.
In kde it is possible to create specific global shortcuts but for this i would some command oder dbus or whatever to which the trigger is directing.
Joplin is always running. So it should best happen via the running instance/process.
Any hints for that?

Besides: Ctrl+N is the inapp Shortcut, this one should go global :wink:

I’m all for a global shortcut to add notes, or todo items, but PLEASE do not make it CTRL+N, that is the most common “Create a new document, etc.” shortcut there is, so making that work globally would be a pain everytime you are in another software. E.g. Libre Office, Visual Studio Codium, etc.

Yeah of course…Depends on your system and your config. Unfortunately I don’t know what the right commend is to open a new note…

Besides a contextmenue for right-click on the systemtray icon with an entry “New Note” would also be fine and a workaround for the time being…

I tried to add a shortcat via the global shortcuts menue in kde plasma but there is only the possibility to open joplin not the other commands (in other apps there are many commands you can choose and change the shortcut). So i think a dbus shortcut or soemthing like this would do the trick in Linux

Update: I tried to search through the dbus but couldn’t find any activity which was pointing to joplin. I think it does not use dbus, which is not too good for linux users…But I am not really sure about this…

The shortcut systen in general has to be re-designed. So I guess at that time, global shortcuts will be implemented as well. No ETA though.