GitHub issue #862 occurs again

The GitHub issue Desktop: Enable/Disable search term highlighting OR do not instantly search on "clear" seems to occur again.

It is not possible to re-open the closed issue anymore - should I file a new issue again or can admins re-open it?

My app version: 1.3.18 AppImage, Linux.

Short desc of the problem:

  • Search a note (F6 + "pattern").
    • The "Notebooks" sections shows that no particular Notebook is selected.
    • The "Notes" section shows the found notes.
  • Select some note or just be happy with the first one found.
  • Clear search field - unfortunately, the previously selected note is not selected anymore and Joplin focuses the first note in the previously active notebook.

Workaround: use sorting of notes by "last modified", use a single notebook and do some minor edit of the found note - then it will remain in focus after clearing the search field.

Best to create a new issue