Search across notes selects existing search terms

First of all, great application you're all working on here!!!

I frequently search across all notes, for me that's SHIFT-CMD-F. I then type whatever I'm searching for and hit Enter. Now that works great if I haven't searched for anything before as the search box will have been empty. If I already searched for something though, the search box will contain the previous search term, the cursor will be in at the beginning and typing appends whatever I'm typing to the previous search term. It would be great if whenever I'm pressing SHIFT-CMD-F, whatever is already in the search box gets highlighted so that it gets overwritten once I type.


Yes, this makes sense. I'll create a gh issue for this later today.



Just WOW. Thanks for the quick reply. And I can see someone has already picked this up, I was considering to as well.
Thanks guys!

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