Frequent Mac crashes

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: ba3309d1b6094b64a1898f2067cc8246
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 46
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: cfd98e3

Backup: 1.4.0
Bulletify: 1.0.1
Calendar: 1.1.1
Text Colorize: 1.2.5

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Markdown Editor

What issue do you have?

A\It appears that any time I select a note with an image- it locks up and shows the alert. If I delete the image and restart Joplin, it does not freeze on the same note. Possible Dropbox sync problem?


Joplin locokup alert.jpg

Log file

joplin_crash_dump_20240426T110159.txt (3.26 KB)

Could you also share the state of your log, just before the crash happens? And possibly the note that's causing the crash? (so that we can try to replicate)

Thanks for the rapid reply!

Not sure what you mean by the "state of the log?"

Note attached. I have changed my sync from Dropbox to my local WedDAV Synology server and it has not crashed since. Renamed the .jex export to .txt.
Jarvis settings.txt (2.1 MB)

If this "solution" proves stable ... just another problem-report related to Dropbox. This cannot be solved by Joplin, but I think it's time to add it in some way to the help files and FA: "Joplin and Dropbox do not work well together !".