Formating new pages

My operating system is Windows 10 Home Build Number 19042.1348 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0
Joplin Version is 2.5.10 mit Sync Version 3 and Profil-Version 39, Revision Number b80242d
The used Editor is the build in reach text editor. ,The build in Mrkdown Editor has the identical Problem.

when I create a new page, the Tab is allways set to some Space that I don't want. I prefere a Tab of Zero. The Tab can not be reduced, so that every time there is a unused Space between the Topic List of the Note Book completly unused. Some Versions ago this effect wasn't there.

How can I config this? How can I edit this?

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I think that you have to set the Editor maximum width to 0

Yes, that it was. Thank you very much.

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