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I wish to use only HTML and not Markdown.That is because Markdown is very limited, no text colors, tables are very basic and no pictures tools like cutting. I understand that Joplin in fact uses HTML in the background, and I already installed the extension to change to mark the node as HTML instead of Markdown. What I need now is how to have full access to the TinyMCE menu bar - any one knows how I can do that?? anyway I can make a plugin to Joplin?

Here the example of full TinyMCE: Full featured examples | Docs | TinyMCE

Pure HTML mode isn't really supported in Joplin. There are ways to force specific notes to be HTML (rather than Markdown), however this still won't do anything regarding the toolbar. Even if you set a note to be HTML (so that tags which aren't supported in Markdown won't be removed automatically), you will still need to input and edit all your more advanced HTML elements by hand.

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Out of interest are you referring to my (still) unfinished and unpublished plugin?

Otherwise, yeah, not sure how you would be able to enable the whole toolbar as I think there is more to it than that, I think TinyMCE is actually initialised in the code with certain features enabled, disabled or customised so I don't think every feature is available either way.

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Yes, your plugin!!! Thanks :+1:t4:

Would be great if we could work together to achieve this.

We could try make optional change the node to HTML and then try to have TinyMCE with additional buttons (we could try to add 1 button at a time for development objectives.

I would make a fork if makes easier. And then just trying to keep the fork updated.

By the way, I use also mobile app, and I don't care to do small edits directly in html if needed.
I am also using the self host Joplin server, were I keep shared notes with my wife.

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