Firefox web clipper not in Add-ons store?

Hi everyone,
I’m very new to Joplin so I apologise if I’m missing something obvious.

When I try to install the web clipper in Firefox, I follow the link from the Options menu and he Firefox Add-on store gives me an “Oops! We can’t find that page” error. I’ve tried searching and still didn’t find it.
This is the link it gives me:

The web clipper installs and works fine in Chrome, though.

Any thoughts? Can I download the XPI somewhere and install it manually?


Joplin 1.0.179 (prod, win32)

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Those morons who review the add-on at Mozilla removed it for some idiotic reason. I think they don’t like us, or maybe they are just stupid. We are working on it.


Ahh, that’s annoying. I suppose there’s no way to manually download and install the add-on? At least temporarily?

You can try it on Chrome in the meantime.

It’s a recent removal as I only downloaded it in the last few days. I did notice that the page had a “This extension cannot be verified by Mozilla” type of banner on it.

Dropping this to get notifications

They took it down yesterday because the code makes use a feature they suddenly don’t like. It’s been in there since the very first version, and the add-on has been through multiple automated and manual reviews, and it was fine, so suddenly taking it off makes no sense. Also they did this with no warning at all, leaving us no time to fix the issue and resubmit.

That’s pretty bad of Mozilla to be honest - not cool towards developers who after all drive some users to their browsers, and not nice to the users either, who now can’t download the clipper anymore. Google has a bad reputation but in fact they’ve been much more professional - they do automated reviews, and either it passes or not, but they don’t kill add-ons out of the blue like Mozilla did.

Moreoever they aren’t particularly careful in their manual reviews. We told them many times how to build the extension but they got it wrong again. They ran the right command but from the wrong directory, so that doesn’t make things any easier.

And indeed I’ve also noticed they tag the extension as “not recommended” and not sure what to do to change this. To be fair, they also tag the Evernote clipper as “not recommended” too, so I guess that’s normal in the Firefox add-on store.

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Is this feasible or do Mozilla limit this as well with some kind of signing requirement?

shall we start a complain campaign at

Just tested the link again and it’s back. Still “Not Recommended” but it’s back…

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Hey everyone, I'm also new to Joplin but just added web clipper via Moz. Add-Ons and also noticed it states this add-on is "Not Recommended." However, I followed the support link and I think we can change a community anyway. We can do so by emailing Mozilla: amo-featured @ mozilla [dot] org with a link to the Web Clipper AMO page.

Took a screenshot of the relevant "Help" info.
Joplin is awesome! I already emailed them. :slight_smile:


is gone


Wired it does not appear to me.
Where is that notification, at the top?

this appears only when you open it in FF, that explains it.


??? Where else am I supposed to open a Firefox extension ???

This is true but I expected that this notice is shown regardless the browser used.
Moreover, the want to see their add on compatible with any, so they changed the add on technology

I think it is because Joplin competes with “Pocket.” I’m just guessing. But as a fellow open-source project which “Mozilla” can look at why do this? Grrrrrr Mozilla isn’t making friends. I love Joplin it has long been needed in the development community.

And... it's gone.

I just tried to get it today and got the Oops! We can’t find that page.
Very disappointing from firefox :frowning: .
Any direct link?