Firefox 95 Broke Plugin

Joplin V2.6.10
They didn't actually break it, but as they're going to an all dark mode (Win10), this is the result:
After Update of Firefox V92 the drop down box within the plug in (to select the folder/category) is dark - VERY dark, makes nearly impossible to read/pick the section you want.
There seems to be no way to fix this within Firefox - is there a workaround within the plugin?

If it's yet another feature that Mozilla broke that should be reported on their bug tracker. We use a simple dropdown list so that should be rendered correctly by default by the browser.

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Thanks for the answer - one I expected actually.
I gave up with Mozilla, they do WHAT they want, WHEN they want.
I'll have to get used to it.
Again thank you.
************ UPdate ****************
I filed the bug with Mozilla yesterday after all.
Thanks again!

This sounds similar to the issue you're having: drop down menus went into dark mode | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support
Maybe try the solution suggested there?

For what it's worth, while the drop down menu in the plugin is also dark for me the text is perfectly legible.

Also ow my eyes but the default Light theme at least does flip the drop down back to a white background, presumably there are other themes that would do likewise, if you can find one you like the looks of? I know I'd be peeved, potentially having to drop a theme I liked to fix a visual quirk (seeing as how I did in fact do so, after switching back to Firefox earlier this year and finding the themes I'd used previously didn't work well in the current engine) but it's at least an option...

The key to that solution is returning to the default theme, which - for me - is VERY bright and unreadable.
I have Proton = false on all the machines.


I've tried about 12-13 of them and none help.

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