Joplin Gruvbox CSS issue

Hi everybody,

I am new to joplin and really enjoying it after trying to find the right app (Obsidian, Onenote, Evernote etc)

I copy pasted a gruv box theme for joplin and it seems to be messing with the actuall menu and top bar layout, can any give me an idea on how to fix it.

I have installed quite a few plugins aswell

Thanks in advance

Is this the css you tried to use? GitHub - robotcorner/joplin-theme-dark-gruvbox: Inspired by "Mayukai Mirage Gruvbox Darktooth Theme" on VSCode
If so then I suspect this is old and outdated from the "old" Joplin UI before the redesign, the CSS references the old ACE editor which was replaced.

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