Find and Replace Inside Notes

The plugin is called "Search & Replace". That may be why you couldn't find it.

Ah, I see it thanks! Would be great if they can add a right click on the note with that option. Currently, I have to go to the main menu under Edit => Search in the Note and when the dialogue box comes up, there is a replace option.

Please add a right click option on notes so it easier. Thanks!

The default keyboard shortcut for that plugin is Ctrl+H. If needed, you can change that under Tools > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts > Search and replace > Click right column cell > Input desired keyboard shortcut > Save.

Also check out the Enable Search & Replace in note editor feature from the Enhancement plugin which replaces the default find bar. Ctrl+F shows a find bar at the top right of the editor instead. Toggle the replace field by tapping F again while Ctrl is held, repeating the shortcut, or using the bottom left + or - button.

I added the Enhancement plugin. Ctrl+F works. Thanks!