Filter notes implemented in mobile

Hello Joplin users,
I added a feature in Joplin mobile app which allows us to filter our notes on a different basis.
For ex: if you choose ‘only incomplete todos’, then only your incomplete todo’s will be shown on the screen. Similarly, ‘completed todos’ and ‘notes’.
I can extend this feature to show notes from only 1 day, 1 week, etc.
But I need the community’s suggestion, like do we really need this feature. I personally feel that this feature can be really handy.


I think this would be useful to filter by 1 day, one week, last month.

Good work!


Thanks I’ll add that feature

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As laurent sir said there were no proper spec for this feature, so let me write what this feature is.
Basically the main idea of the feature is to organize our notes and todos on different basis. Let’s say we have so many notes and todos, but you don’t want to see them all everytime, you just want to see incomplete todos, or just completed todos, or only tasks, or lets say notes from last one day only, or one week only. There are so many occasions when we wanna do this, but this feature is not available in Joplin. Here is the demo video of the feature, how it actually works, and I can extend it to so many more filter options.

So sir can you please suggest me, how can I improve this feature? @PackElend @bedwardly-down @tessus @CalebJohn
Or you guys think that this feature is totally useless, so that I can stop improving this feature.