File system sync directory change

Ubuntu 18.04 on CPU 1, Pop!_OS 19.04 on CPU 2

File system sync issue. Sync directory keeps on changing. Syncing via specific directory and Syncthing.

CPU 1:

  1. File system directory doesn’t match userid for that file system (e.g. /home/userid/Sync/Joplin).
  2. Change to correct path (e.g. /home/userid2/Sync/Joplin)
  3. Files now Sync.

CPU 2:

  1. After some time. File system directory is now changed to reflect that of CPU 1 (i.e. it is now /home/userid2/Sync/Joplin when it should be /home/userid/Sync/Joplin)
  2. … go back to CPU 1 first step

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I don’t understand this report.

Something in the Joplin folder is overwriting the other CPUs File system save location directory.

Through Syncthing I’m syncing two folders.

—contains Joplin notes


Now that I look at this again, syncing the latter is likely the issue. Is the file system sync location visible via Options saved in there somewhere?

Ok, let me try once gain:

  • you mean device/computer instead of CPU, don’t you?
  • what are you syncing with syncthing?

You must not sync the joplin profile folder, because it includes the database that stores the settings.
But you will find several topics on this forum, how people sync with syncthing.