fetchBlob error: conflict

Hi all,

Ever since I started using Joplin on one Mac (as the 'source', you might say), I am getting a fetchBlob error conflict on my other Mac, iPhone and iPad. You might say I have edited the note on those devices, but no, this has been the case since the initial sync. Clicking 'Retry' every now and then does nothing. It keeps coming back.

33272498-6702-4EAA-BE67-3A2A99606037 (d76674677b224320bd44a484aab3e270): POST files/download: fetchBlob error (409): Conflict Retry

I searched for the ID in my source-Mac about a month ago and it was an image with a Paypal-logo. I removed the image from the note, and was hoping that after 10 days, that attachment would be deleted, since it is nowhere else in use, and that this deletion would be synced across devices and that that would make the fetchblob:conflict go away. But no. Also, there is no 'Conflict'-note created.

And when I search in Joplin for the ID on my other Mac, it is also nowhere to be found.

So how can I resolve this conflict?

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