Feedback after months of use

These note taking programs are all same basically and they have couple of things of their own, but they all missing important features! I have many ideas to improve productivity!

*by categories I mean notebooks, forgot how it calls

Biggest issues:

  1. can't ctrl+f for existing folders when adding notes from Joplin browser plugin, if you have too much folders: it takes ages even with pressing a letter to find them... (without this program is not much usable)... While main strength it is adding tags, there are situations you also need good folder structures!
  2. can't collapse all Joplin's categories, since if I open some, they stay open permanently! And can't collapse all subcategories of one category - everything you have under something: e.g. if I collapse main category, all nested will be uncollapsed. Add ability to collapse fully one tree only also!
  3. ctrl+p doesn't center on a category, if you search for it
  4. can't see all tags (there could be menu so you can click on them and filter results like that, they could go also by letters and they should be searchable without program snapping onto them so you can add them (filters are not best, it is hard to write them and you also need to write category in which you are searching if I remember correctly which is slow)
  5. can't move notebook to other notebook any other way than by dragging which is impossible if you have too many and realize later it would be best to put it elsewhere!

Browser plugin:

  • could most recent tags and most used tags for fast adding, or use voice to add tags
  • sometimes website is saving slowly and you have to wait before you can close it (or even go to other tab not remember now)

Note view:

  • if you have a lot of notes in one category it is hard to find them, maybe like 30-50 which you often use:
  • add ability to give them custom colors,
  • or to pin some at the top
  • or they could show under first of their letters and be underscored, so you can quickly find them
  • add note nesting like in case of menus on leftmost side of program, as if you have to many categories it is slow to navigate

Note linking:

  • you would want to ideally link relevant notes, if you could add them to some temporary box, to quickly paste links to that note from within of other notes, could be even more complex...

  • can't swap numbered lists e.g. if i create list of priorities (up and down) and can't swap even lines in wywisig

  • no table of contents (I think there was some addon for this didn't tried yet)

  • ability to disable option to autosync at program start, can do this later

  • sometimes when I press cltr+p can't write to the field

  • can't filter notebooks from A-Z, or change view to A-Z with underscored line

  • if you open notebook with ctrl+p it unnecessarily collapse whole tree!

  • add previews when hovering over notes (evernote has this and it is invaluable)

  • notebook scrollbar is tiny and invisible!

  • doesn't show all available tags in a notebook so they are easily accessible!

  • allow to open multiple notes in tabs like browser


"After [many] months of use", I'm very satisfied with what Joplin has to offer (I'm not gonna make a list out of it), but there's one thing with which I agree vigorously:

notebook scrollbar is tiny and invisible!

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I agree. There are css workarounds but IMO all the scrollbars are too narrow, especially the one on the list of notebooks. I sometimes find myself slipping and accidentally dragging one notebook into another.

I would love a wider default width for the scrollbars, or for this to be added to the options so that people can choose a width that suits them.

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There's a good point: However stylish it might be - if a screen design decision leads to malfunction, it's no good. So there should be a quicker fix for this than CSS changes, as you suggested.


Can I somehow prevent Joplin from leaving collapsing notebooks into which I went? I want everything uncollapsed!

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