Features Reauest: "Automatic reverse link insertion"

Features. “Automatic reverse link insertion” .
Is it possible to add an “automatic reverse link insertion” function, when a link of “B” note is inserted in “A” note, the link of “A” note is automatically inserted in “B” note at the same time. Please refer to the note software “ROAM RESEARCH”.


Is there a reason why you think links should always be bidirectional?

I believe it’s a feature available in some note taking softwares (notably in Emacs Org-Mode as Org-Roam, which is related to the software that is mentioned in the post). Might be a nice option to have (of course not being compulsory, just a toggleable feature)

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This was discussed before as the topic “backlinks”. Currently we only have the workaround to go back and forth betweeen the last X selected notes.

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It helps a lot when you’re creating a network where notes are nodes. It’s used a lot in a Zettelkasten note taking system (see https://writingcooperative.com/zettelkasten-how-one-german-scholar-was-so-freakishly-productive-997e4e0ca125).


That’d be a great feature to add for increasing Joplin’s viability to a great extent.


+1 for automatic reverse links/‘backlinks’. Roam research linking, as mentioned in the top level post, is amazing.


+1 from me for back links also.



I made a experimental plugin called "Bidirectional Links" for this purpose. It is based on the code from the popular Quick Links plugin.

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