Any way to easily cross link notes?

Windows 10, electron app, 1.3.18

When i cross link notes, this note has a link to another note, im linking them by .. titles?

 ### This is my sample title 

I first copy the link via the GUI and its something like

[My Other Note](:/db13as9s90w89s90sdsjuskejis9)

The problem is - it looks like you have to manually add in - for spaces to get the link to work right. Something like this

[My Other Note](:/db13as9s90w89s90sdsjuskejis9#This-is-my-sample-title)

So for every link back, i have to manually add those - ... is there any easier way to do this? Any plans to incorporate links directly into the GUI? drop down lists maybe? That would be incredible for me, as I have hundreds of links.

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You simply can drag/drop a note into the other, it automatically makes the link.

What about a specific section of another note. ##this section


This is currently not possible. But I think it came up at one point.
There was also a similar discussion going on for adding internal links while writing text.
Should that ever be developed it could be extended to additionally show the sections within a note when a note is selected.

Update: On the other hand, maybe it is also possible to do it like this: right click on a heading and then Copy markdown link. I'm pretty sure we had a discussion like this before.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how complicated it would be to add that. But maybe Laurent or anyone who knows the code better than me can chime in.

Implementation is not difficult, the problem is that the title is a changing value, not sure if you really want to do this (you need to check the notes cited in the current note)

I see, you mean you cross link a heading in another note - then the heading or other note's title changes making that link invalid. The link being dynamic - is that to much to even consider?

Maybe when you cross link, a static id is set both on the linked location and the cross link so that if the original linked notes title or heading changes - it warns you? Or updates it?

Changing the title won't change the markdown link (the note id will not change).

However, it is true that changing the heading will break the link, since most likely the slugified text will be different.
But I don't think this is something we have to care about. People just have to be aware of it - that's all.
Maybe this is harsh, but doh, of course the link will be broken, when one changes the address. That should be obvious. And if it's not we can mention it somewhere.

If you share an internal note link, the recipient will only be able to view the note if they already have access to it. In other words, sharing an internal note link with someone is not the same as sharing a note with that person.

The link won't break if add syntax similar to pandoc heading identifiers

# Heading with changed title {#identifier}

When I do this in v1.3.18, the drag-n-drop creates a title with lick style formatting, but this link remains a stud, it cannot be opened. Error message says "no ID".

I don't think that pandoc heading identifiers will be supported in Joplin core.

This topic is not about sharing.

You've to CTRL+click to open a link / a note.
And it does work on my 1.3.18.

Great, thanks, I must have missed it in the help files.

I don't need to use Ctrlto drag and drop links. Maybe you guys should include the editor you are using. The behavior is often different between WYSIWYG and markdown editor.

Either way, I use the markdown editor and I can drag a note into the editor and can click on the link in the preview window without having to use a modfier key.

No - I said CTRL+click to open, not to drag/drop.

I don't have to Ctrl click either (which I stated in the 2nd paragraph). I just click on the link in my preview window. If I Ctrl+click I get a context menu (same as when I right-click):

I think this is the WYSIWYG editor, it requires a ctrl-link to follow links.

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This is why I asked which editor they are using..... But apparently I was not clear enough.

I've changed the template to ask for the editor for editor specific questions, so hopefully in the future we'll get some useful info.

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Yep in the WYSIWYG one.

I'm astonished people would prefer to enter codes to get a format, as in markdown.
It makes me remember typing in vi on SCO Unix 4.2 :wink: