Feature request: Tooltips on mobile


  • Currently a long press on a button doesn't display a tooltip on mobile.
  • This makes it more difficult to tell what a button does without clicking on it.
  • Pull request

Implementation options

  • Create a Button component that has a toolTip property.
  • Create a custom Tooltip component
    • How do we ensure that its children can be clicked? (Nesting Pressables doesn't seem to work...)
  • Use an existing library

Is that normal and expected mobile functionality? I'm not aware of anything similar that provides tooltips when holding buttons, could you give examples of apps that do?

If such tooltips are added, please enable them on hover too. This would work with stylus (and mouse), of course, but also e.g. Samsung phones have a built-in option to enable hover functionality with fingers.

I've seen it in a calendar app long time ago (to display event details in a month view), but it's probably not very common.

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At least on Android, they're quite common.

Examples on an Android emulator:



SMS Messaging




tooltip on Latest in FDroid


Of course, there are places I would expect such tooltips, but don't notice them. For example, the clear button in settings:

I think I've seen them on iOS, too...

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This might be more difficult (touch and hold can easily be done with the built-in Pressable.onLongPress)... I'll look into it.

Fair enough, don't think I've ever even tried to press and hold in that context before, to me it has always been a metaphor for a context menu à la right click (the F-Droid one seems particularly useless seeing as it already has the labels?).
I tried it on a few more Google apps, Gmail, Drive etc. and is part of Material Design so I have no issues for the Android implementation of it personally. - Material Design

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I was looking just for this today, and found using this on Joplin desktop works…but the mobile no. Nor does exporting to PDF (most cherished as I use Joplin PDF exports for client sending docs), html is fine

Desktop render gives a hypertext look (works), again mobile it’s present but non-reactive.

A button would be nice, at least to have the hypertext style work…don’t know if the desktop PDF export is even a reality, at least export as html is available. I’m more of a user as oppose to a developer here.

Screenshots from Joplinapp, IOS iPad