UI/UX Improvements (Android) ⭐

hi everyone! french is my first language so don't pay attention to my mistakes...
I would like to could see some information from the screen of the different notes, like labels, if there are attachment, etc.
it could be very helpful to find notes!

and I think that this layout of the white information panel (first image) look like an imitation of iOS but it's an Android application here! so I think the default layout of android is a way better.

thanks to all the devs and have a good summer !


I've been thinking about this for a while, I couldn't agree more.

Overall, there are some small UI inconsistencies that make a very powerful and modern app like Joplin seem outdated. I did a quick comparison with another text-based app, Inoreader, as a comparison:

Icons in the top bar are too big in Joplin, and the action button is slightly misplaced:

Settings menu also is a big font and is hard to navigate:

Lastly, as you mentioned, the modals are not Android native at all:

These are super small tweaks that will improve the UI consistency of the app.


exactly, thanks for your precisions!
I hope developers or designers of the app will see this!

I've opened a pull request that redesigns the settings screen on the mobile app:

(There is still a large amount of work that needs to be done on this pull request.)

The popup menu is done with react-native-dialogbox, which hasn't been updated in a few years. (File that wraps this library).

Because the mobile app already uses react-native-paper, it might make sense to use this library for popup menus as well.